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In life, you will inevitably encounter all kinds of difficult problems in life, which is why the author created this blog, where you can search for any methods and techniques you need help. For example: life tips, health tips, car insurance tips, real estate tips, and more.

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  • Qatar housing prices

    Qatar house price is far inferior to Hangzhou? 120㎡ sea view room, only 4 million. In a blink of an eye, I have been in Qatar for a month. Many fans of “I love to ask Jiajun when buying a house” are very interested in the housing prices in Qatar and ask questions in the…

  • Buying a house in California! 7 big steps! Not one less!

    Buying a house in California! 7 big steps! Not one less! In the United States, the steps to buying a home vary from state to state. Today I would like to share the specific process of buying a house in California for friends who are about to buy a house in California and who want…

  • Real Estate downturn from U.S. to China poses risks to global growth

    Real Estate downturn from U.S. to China poses risks to global growth Volatile housing markets in much of the world pose another risk to the global economy as rising interest rates erode household finances and could exacerbate price falls. Reports this week showed that the U.S. Real estate market has been in a downturn for…

  • Car Driving Tips

    The power transmission of the car is firstly transmitted from the engine to the gearbox, and then from the drive shaft to the drive wheels, so that the car moves forward. The amount of power output depends on the extent of the accelerator pedal. From the point of view of fuel economy, with the smallest…

  • 2022 Healthy Eating

    Healthy Eating|Learn to eat according to the fifth edition of “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents (2022)”. Recently, the “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents (2022)” was released, and the relationship between diet and health has once again sparked heated discussions. The essence of the dietary guidelines is directly reflected in the pagoda of Chinese residents’ balanced…

  • U.S. tech companies lose more than $135 billion in market value

    Affected by factors such as the performance warnings of industry giants and rising concerns about the economic outlook, on May 24, local time, the stocks of American technology companies collectively fell sharply, and the accumulated market value evaporated on that day by more than 135 billion US dollars. According to the Associated Press and other…