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  • Car Driving Tips

    The power transmission of the car is firstly transmitted from the engine to the gearbox, and then from the drive shaft to the drive wheels, so that the car moves forward. The amount of power output depends on the extent of the accelerator pedal. From the point of view of fuel economy, with the smallest … Read more

  • 2022 Healthy Eating

    Healthy Eating|Learn to eat according to the fifth edition of “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents (2022)”. Recently, the “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents (2022)” was released, and the relationship between diet and health has once again sparked heated discussions. The essence of the dietary guidelines is directly reflected in the pagoda of Chinese residents’ balanced … Read more

  • U.S. tech companies lose more than $135 billion in market value

    Affected by factors such as the performance warnings of industry giants and rising concerns about the economic outlook, on May 24, local time, the stocks of American technology companies collectively fell sharply, and the accumulated market value evaporated on that day by more than 135 billion US dollars. According to the Associated Press and other … Read more

  • Strengthening China’s Strategic Science and Technology Power

    Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has insisted on placing scientific and technological innovation at the core of the overall national development, deeply grasping the general trend of world science and technology development, and emphasizing the need to strengthen … Read more

  • Father of Hongmeng, it is rumored that former HiSilicon executives have switched to MediaTek

    Following the departure of Huawei’s “Father of Hongmeng“, it is rumored that former HiSilicon executives have switched to MediaTek. According to news on May 25, following the resignation of Huawei’s “Father of Hongmeng” not long ago, there has been news recently that the former executives of Huawei HiSilicon have quit MediaTek. For a time, it … Read more

  • Shenzhen real estate boss news

    Shenzhen real estate boss: the company has hundreds of billions of assets but insists not to go public, and its liabilities are almost 0. When the tide recedes, we will know who is swimming naked. With the successive introduction of real estate policies, many real estate bigwigs have been defeated, and Evergrande Group is a … Read more