Father of Hongmeng

Father of Hongmeng, it is rumored that former HiSilicon executives have switched to MediaTek

Following the departure of Huawei’s “Father of Hongmeng“, it is rumored that former HiSilicon executives have switched to MediaTek. According to news on May 25, following the resignation of Huawei’s “Father of Hongmeng” not long ago, there has been news recently that the former executives of Huawei HiSilicon have quit MediaTek. For a time, it … Read more

How to assemble a cost-effective computer?

If you install the machine yourself, you can learn more about the hardware and then learn how to assemble it. First, you need to understand what computer hardware must have in order for this computer to light up (start up). Hardware knowledgeHost + Display Host: including motherboard, CPU, graphics card, hard drive, memory stick, power … Read more

How to choose a 4K TV

With the development of science and technology in modern society, LCD TV technology has also developed rapidly, the configuration is getting higher and higher, and the price is relatively reasonable, which has become an indispensable member of people’s furniture purchase. 4K TVs have become the darling of LCD TVs due to their ultra-high resolution, and … Read more

A few positive life tips

1.Stay away from consumptive people Humans have social attributes, and everyone is in a variety of relationships. Relationships are classified into enabling and consuming. An empowering relationship gives people strength, hope, comfort, companionship, warmth, encouragement, and guidance. Even if they don’t say or do anything, they can make people feel at ease and at ease. … Read more

The efficacy and role of lard

The benefits of lard Chinese medicine believes that lard has the functions of tonic, moisturizing, and detoxification, and can cure dry and astringent viscera, unfavorable stool, dry cough, and chapped skin. The following is the efficacy and role of lard introduced by “Ancient Chinese Medicine Network”. What are the effects and functions of children eating … Read more