Qatar housing prices

Qatar housing prices

Qatar house price is far inferior to Hangzhou? 120㎡ sea view room, only 4 million. In a blink of an eye, I have been in Qatar for a month. Many fans of “I love to ask Jiajun when buying a house” are very interested in the housing prices in Qatar and ask questions in the … Read more

Buying a house in California

Buying a house in California! 7 big steps! Not one less!

Buying a house in California! 7 big steps! Not one less! In the United States, the steps to buying a home vary from state to state. Today I would like to share the specific process of buying a house in California for friends who are about to buy a house in California and who want … Read more

U.S. Real Estate market news

Real Estate downturn from U.S. to China poses risks to global growth

Real Estate downturn from U.S. to China poses risks to global growth Volatile housing markets in much of the world pose another risk to the global economy as rising interest rates erode household finances and could exacerbate price falls. Reports this week showed that the U.S. Real estate market has been in a downturn for … Read more

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Shenzhen real estate boss news

Shenzhen real estate boss: the company has hundreds of billions of assets but insists not to go public, and its liabilities are almost 0. When the tide recedes, we will know who is swimming naked. With the successive introduction of real estate policies, many real estate bigwigs have been defeated, and Evergrande Group is a … Read more

Canadian real estate

Canadian real estate market restricts foreigners buying house

House prices soared by 50% in two years! Canada’s move: Limit purchases to foreigners. According to Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the matter, Canadian Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland will release Canada’s federal budget report on April 7, local time, which includes a new rule-Canada will ban foreigners from buying housing for two years. However, Canadian … Read more

Real Estate Basics

When it comes to real estate buying and selling, many people believe that they have experienced it in life, but for some people who have not been exposed to real estate, they do not know much about real estate, so it is easy to appear in the process of transaction. Question, let’s take a look … Read more

How to saving money when buying house

In recent years, buying a house has gradually become a rigid demand, either to buy a house for marriage or to improve the housing environment. Some slightly wealthy families will also consider buying a house in the school district. In fact, buying a house also has money-saving skills, even if it is a house in … Read more

What are the requirements for buying a Real estate in U.S.

Buying a home is exciting, no matter where you are. Although buying a house in the United States is an exciting thing, buying a house in an unfamiliar market is somewhat confusing and worrying. Today, I will talk about what conditions Chinese people need to buy a house in the United States, and introduce some … Read more