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Shenzhen real estate boss: the company has hundreds of billions of assets but insists not to go public, and its liabilities are almost 0.

When the tide recedes, we will know who is swimming naked. With the successive introduction of real estate policies, many real estate bigwigs have been defeated, and Evergrande Group is a typical example. After promulgating three red lines, Evergrande, which has always played with high leverage, suffered an almost fatal blow. When Evergrande is at its highest debt, its daily interest is as high as 300 million yuan, which means that Evergrande’s interest-bearing liabilities will snowball.

Before these were exposed, Evergrande adopted an extreme expansion strategy and used bank loans to hoard land frantically. Its total land reserve was once as high as 229 million square meters. Not only that, Evergrande has also entered the film and television industry, built a football team, built Evergrande Ice Spring and Evergrande Automobileā€¦ No wonder the outside world will say: money is not printed by the state, but by Xu Jiayin.

Perhaps the person who can empathize with Xu Jiayin the most is Wanda Wang Jianlin. Previously, Wang Jianlin also relied on bank loans to expand wildly. At his peak, he obtained Wanda stores. He has more than 80 five-star hotels, more than 1,300 global cinemas, and more than 200 Wanda Plazas in China. Shopping frantically for assets, too much money to spendā€¦

Wang Jianlin and Hui ka-yan

However, in 2017, a policy of “not allowing bank loans to be used for overseas investment” caused Wanda to owe 600 billion yuan in debt overnight, and Wang Jianlin also became the first negative from the richest man. However, after Wang Jian “survived by breaking the tail”, he sold 13 cultural tourism projects and 77 hotels with a total value of 480 billion yuan at a super low price of 63.2 billion yuan, and hurriedly dumped overseas assets, recovering a total of 210 billion yuan of funds, and solved the problem. Urgent.

So having said that, many real estate entrepreneurs, if they are willing to take the risk of “high debt” like Evergrande and Wanda, may be able to reach the scale of Wanda. However, in the real estate industry, it is not easy to win if the scale is large. Only when it is large and stable can it be powerful. In Guangdong, there is such a real estate boss. He is low-key and mysterious. He has hundreds of billions of assets. He has never been in debt in business. , People who know him like to call him Brother Long!

Speaking of Huang Chulong, it is estimated that few people in China know him. But friends who have been to Shenzhen must know that Shenzhen’s famous COCO park, COCO city and other shopping malls, the boss behind it is Huang Chulong. In the Shenzhen real estate industry, Chen Hua of Kingkey Group, Li Hua, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Excellence Group, and Huang Chulong, Chairman of Galaxy Holdings, are known as “the most low-key three Musketeers”. It is such a low-key person, but its subsidiary Galaxy is involved in four major business sectors: real estate, industry, real estate, and finance. It is a veritable large-scale comprehensive investment group.

From the mason against the real estate tycoon

Huang Chulong, a real estate boss in Shenzhen, is actually a mason. Huang Chulong was born in 1958. He came from a poor family with six siblings. Because of this, the family could not afford him to study at all. In order to support his family, Huang Chulong could only choose to drop out of school early, which can be said to be an authentic “old man”. At the age of 19, he followed his relatives out of the arena. At the age of 20, Huang Chulong left his hometown and went to Shenzhen.


Due to educational restrictions, he could only work on the construction site when he first arrived in Shenzhen. But Huang Chulong has a positive attitude. He took the initiative to observe the management methods of the foreman to establish his prestige among the workers. Several years of life on the construction site allowed Huang Chulong to accumulate a small amount of money and made many friends on the construction site. At this time, he was no longer satisfied to stay on the construction site.

At that time, Shenzhen was full of small developers. Huang Chulong helped others build a lot of houses. He thought it was not difficult to build a house. If he could get a piece of land, he could be a developer himself. At that time, real estate development was relatively simple, and there were not so many rules and regulations. Doing what he did, Huang Chulong immediately set up a small company with a few friends on the construction site, and Huang Chulong also completed the transformation from an ordinary worker to a contractor.

Real estate

Sure enough, Huang Chulong’s choice was correct. Under the relatively loose real estate policy at that time, he won the land as he wished. After that, he hired a group of workers to work for him, and the company was opened like a raging fire. In 1995, with the successful development of Jardine Villa, Xianghe Garden and other projects, Huang Chulong was officially accepted by the real estate industry.

What really made Huang Chulong famous is the development and launch of Xinghe Danti. In 2006, the Shenzhen property market was at a slump, but Galaxy Danti miraculously sold 100 villas and successfully achieved a return of 800 million yuan. As soon as the news came out, it immediately shocked the entire Shenzhen market. Therefore, Huang Chu’s Galaxy Group officially entered the eyes of Shenzhen people and became the key brand they paid attention to it.

coco park

Adhere to no debt, no listing

The real estate market has always paid attention to the staking strategy of “high leverage, high turnover, and strong expansion”, but Huang Chulong did not follow this principle. He never takes out loans and relies entirely on the funds he has on hand. Perhaps because he only spends his own money, Huang Chulong’s eyes are ruthless, and there is a saying in the circle: wherever the galaxy is, it must be the center, which is the most appropriate compliment to Huang Chulong.

Although sitting on hundreds of billions of assets, Huang Chulong himself has always been very low-key and never accepted media interviews. He can be described as the “invisible rich man” in the real estate industry. Another point that is widely circulated in the real estate circle is that Huang Chulong insisted on not going public for a long time and insisting on not borrowing debts. This is extremely rare in the real estate industry. Huang Chulong once said: “Xinghe wants to be 500 years old, not the top 500“.

Xinhe group

Although he is very low-key, Huang Chulong is very generous in spending money. A few years ago, when his son got married, Huang Chulong contracted all the floors from the 1st to the 6th floor of a five-star hotel in Shenzhen. There were more than 2,200 guests on the spot, and he also invited celebrities to help out. Among these guests, 500 were old villagers from their hometowns. Huang Chulong chartered them to come, confiscated their money, and gave each person a red envelope of 500 yuan. In addition, Huang Chulong is also very enthusiastic about charity, and has donated a lot of money in education, religion, medical care, etc.

Huang chulong


There are many people who started from scratch and got rich in the end, but most of them were blinded by capital after they became rich, and were eventually coerced by the market. How many people like Huang Chulong, a rich man who is steady and sticks to his heart, can do it ?

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