How to assemble a cost-effective computer?

If you install the machine yourself, you can learn more about the hardware and then learn how to assemble it.

First, you need to understand what computer hardware must have in order for this computer to light up (start up).

Hardware knowledge
Host + Display

Host: including motherboard, CPU, graphics card, hard drive, memory stick, power supply, CPU cooler, chassis

In order to facilitate understanding, the main configuration of the computer corresponds to the introduction of the human body:

How to assemble a cost-effective computer?
  • Motherboard: the skeleton of the human body (supporting the transmission and processing of the various components)
  • CPU: Brain (used to process all kinds of data)
  • Graphics card: visual system (after receiving the signal from the brain CPU, it converts the signal into the form of an image and transmits it to the display screen)
  • Memory: Nervous system (it is the component responsible for transferring data, temporarily storing data, and coordinating with the CPU)
  • Hard disk: memory center (responsible for receiving information and storing it in the brain)
  • Power source: the heart (it is responsible for supplying the blood you need in your daily life to ensure your normal activities)

In addition, there is a CPU radiator mainly to suppress the CPU to prevent the CPU from overheating during operation, resulting in burnout, short circuit and other failures; the chassis is to install all the components inside to improve the appearance.

After talking about the above component properties, I believe you have a general understanding.

Match as needed
First of all, figure out what are the requirements of each requirement for each hardware.


For example, if you need a game that can play large-scale mainstream games, the performance of the game is generally not so high for the CPU, so you don’t need to choose an eight-core and sixteen-thread CPU, and the main single-core performance can be strong;

By the way, there are mainly two CPUs, one is AMD, and the other is Intel. There are four cores and eight threads, six cores and twelve threads, and eight cores and sixteen threads. the stronger.
However, if the game performance is required and the PS needs to process some pictures, the requirements for the CPU need to be increased, but the P picture does not need to edit the video, and the budget can be reduced. Generally speaking, an eight-core CPU is enough. Now; here we recommend 3700X first, 8 cores and 16 threads, the picture output will be faster in PS, of course, i7 11700k can also be selected here.


The choice of motherboard must be matched with the CPU. If you choose AMD CPU, choose AMD platform motherboard, and Intel choose Intel platform motherboard. There will be many motherboard manufacturers, such as ASUS, MSI, Colorful, GALAXY, BIOSTAR, etc.; Combined with the above CPU configuration, the 3700x can use the B550 motherboard or the earlier B450 motherboard, here we recommend the MSI B550m mortar.

If you are not sure at first, it is recommended to buy the CPU and the motherboard together. Many merchants on have a package, and you can buy it yourself.

Heat sink:

Buy a CPU cooler that is more cost-effective to avoid making it so complicated. You can just choose a 100 yuan cooler without thinking, or ask the store directly when you buy it, which cooler is suitable for your CPU.


The memory must be at least 8GX2, and the budget is 16Gx2. Graphics processing requires a lot of memory, but it is not bad for playing games. 16G is more than enough. There will be a choice of frequency for the memory. Buy AMD 3700X CPU, you can directly choose 3200, which represents the frequency of the memory, which is related to the CPU.

Hard disk:

It is the software to put files and install, as well as materials, 500G solid state, and 1T mechanical hard disk, which will be more cost-effective. M.2 interface for solid state (NV protocol).

Graphics card:

General office, PS, editing, the requirements for graphics cards are not particularly high, but later games are different. There are some rendering quality and special effects in games, which will have higher requirements on the output performance of graphics cards; but generally If you want to play LOL and eat chicken, the GTX 1660super is enough. If you want to play some 3A masterpieces, you will need a higher cost. You can consider 20 series and 30 series.

Power supply:

After all the accessories are selected, calculate the power consumption of each accessory (each accessory package, the official website will have it), you will get a total power consumption sum, and then multiply 120% on this basis, and buy the power supply according to this, That’s it. For example, if the power consumption of all your accessories is 300W, then the calculation is 360W. It is conservatively estimated to buy at least a 400W power supply. If you want to upgrade the hardware in the future, you can buy a 500W or even higher power supply.


It is mainly the size of the internal space, whether it can fit your motherboard, and whether the length of the graphics card is enough, and then the appearance can be selected according to your own preferences.


Generally, a 1080p display is enough, 2k, and the price/performance ratio is also good. Then there are some hardware anti-blue light, and some other functions such as hanging, etc., which will not be discussed here.

In general, there are so many accessories, the following are the suggestions for purchasing, for reference

Buying advice
For so many large items, of course, I chose The official self-operated flagship is very reliable. During the big promotions such as 618, Double 11, and New Year’s Day, there are also insured products, mainly after-sales guarantee.

Well, according to the above introduction, I recommend one that can play games, LOL, eat chicken, CS, and some 3A games to play, as well as smooth PS retouching, then the configuration of such a host is as follows.

CPU: 5600X

Motherboard: ASUS B550M

Radiator: Kyushu Fengshen Dashuang Tower

Memory: Emerald 8Gx2 3200MHz

Solid state: Kioxia rc10500G

Graphics card: Colorful RTX 3060Ti

Power supply: Antec 550W

Chassis: Patriot M2

Monitor: Acer 2K monitor

5600X 6 cores and 12 threads, both playing games and designing are correct, the motherboard generally uses the B550 motherboard.

At present, the premium of graphics cards is relatively serious, and the 3060Ti is still cost-effective. 3A games on the market can be played smoothly, and most of them can also play 2k games.

The choice of the monitor also depends on the use. If you play games, the refresh rate is preferably above 144Hz, and the resolution depends on the performance of the graphics card; 3060Ti does not have much pressure to play 2k.

If you have any questions, please leave a message to discuss. More about computer please keep an eyes on

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