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  • ASML’s new generation EUV lithography machine soared to 2.7 billion RMB

    According to Reuters, semiconductor equipment giant ASML’s next-generation High-NA EUV equipment is priced at about US$400 million, equivalent to 2.7 billion yuan. It is reported that the device has higher precision and uses more parts. The model is 30% larger than the previous generation, and the size is like a double-decker bus. To overcome the … Read more

  • Huawei 5G wins another key order in overseas markets

    Two days ago, the Canadian side officially announced that Huawei and ZTE will be excluded from the country’s 5G network. The installed 5G equipment must be removed within two years. The 4G equipment involving these two companies will also be fully implemented by the end of 2027 stop using. Many netizens are both regretful and … Read more

  • Huawei 5G news

    Good news from Huawei, Nova10, Mate50 can use 5G, pollen is finally here. As we all know, in the domestic high-end mobile phone market, only Huawei is the only domestic mobile phone brand that can compete with Apple. However, because Huawei’s 5G radio frequency chip is blocked, the self-developed Kirin chip cannot be produced. As … Read more

  • Prevention of high blood pressure, which need to pay attention to on weekdays

    The eight-character motto to stay away from high blood pressure. (1) Low-salt Change the high-salt diet (no more than 6 grams per person per day), and the daily intake of salt per person is 4 to 6 grams. (2) Weight loss Standard weight (kg) = height (cm) -105. Asia-Pacific body weight standard: body mass index … Read more

  • Canadian real estate market restricts foreigners buying house

    House prices soared by 50% in two years! Canada’s move: Limit purchases to foreigners. According to Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the matter, Canadian Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland will release Canada’s federal budget report on April 7, local time, which includes a new rule-Canada will ban foreigners from buying housing for two years. However, Canadian … Read more

  • Qjie M5 is on the market, is it worth buying?

    Wenjie M5 is officially launched. The car is built on the DE-i pure electric drive range extension platform. It is also an extended range electric car with the ideal ONE, Lantu FREE and other models. It is worth mentioning that this car is considered a A car produced by Huawei, why do you say that? … Read more