When is the best time to buy car

With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people buy cars. But just like in the late 1990s, color TVs were basically necessary for every family, but they still cost a lot of money to be considered a big item. The same is true for many families now with cars. Buying a car is not a big problem, but spending hundreds of thousands of dollars at one time is not a small amount of money. Moreover, it is not easy for everyone to make money, so when is the most economical time to buy a car?

1. New car launch. This may confuse many people. The price of a new car that has just been launched must be very high. How can it be cheap? In fact, it is not. Everyone is so fond of the new and hates the old. Everyone pays attention to the new car, so fewer people pay attention to the old model. In order to destock the manufacturer, they will sell it at a reduced price. Moreover, the old model has been tested in the domestic market, and the quality is also relatively secure.

2.The auto show. There are so many auto shows, big and small, but Chinese auto shows are very different from foreign auto shows. Foreign auto shows are really auto shows. Most auto shows in China are actually trade fairs. Most of the models displayed by manufacturers will have certain discounts. Moreover, there are so many cars on the auto show competing on the same stage. In order to attract consumers to buy, manufacturers will definitely increase the car purchase benefits.

3.Models of the same level are listed. The competition of the same class of models is actually very easy to understand. This is the benefit of the market economy. In the case of models with similar brands and similar configurations, price has become an important competition item. In the Internet, everyone calls this “cost performance”.

Finally, judging from the sales data of previous years, around the Spring Festival is the peak season for car buying, so compared to the middle of the year, this period has become a low season for sales, especially in July and August, when the weather is too hot and everyone is reluctant to go out. The business of manufacturers is not good. In order to increase the enthusiasm of consumers for car purchases, many models will be discounted at this time. Friends, do you have any other tips for saving money when buying a car?

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