3 ways to bargain when buying car

Now we probably have some spare money in our hands, and everyone will choose to invest at this time. Many people do not know how to manage money, and investing in houses and cars is a good choice. Houses and cars can maintain and appreciate in value. You can use the car yourself, and you can also sell used cars to make money when they are old. There are more ways to buy a car than ever before. You can buy a car through an acquaintance, you can buy a car online or you can go to a 4S store to buy a car. For high-priced items like cars, I think most people should not buy them online. It is safer to look at the car on the spot and pay with the money and delivery.

Buying a car from a 4S store has many advantages, but what do you think a 4S store is for? Of course it’s there to make money. Therefore, making as much money as possible from users is their primary purpose. Many car novices will be “pitched” by the sales staff, and they will pay as soon as their heads become hot under the persuasion of the sales staff. Now Xiao Bian tells you several ways to avoid you overspending money, this is the first method.

Car new user often asks how much this car is, can it be cheaper? This kind of question is equivalent to whether your clothes will pill? Do you think the salesperson of the 4S store will tell you that I can still give you 50,000 cheaper? So remember not to say such stupid things when buying a car.

What to do when buying a car. The second method is to first check the relevant information to understand the price of the car. Especially to understand the lowest price of this car, which can be found on the car’s official website. When you like this car but find that it is higher than the official website price, you can bargain with the salesperson accordingly. When you are optimistic about the car you want to buy in the 4S store but you cannot accept the price of the 4S store, you can buy the car from the official website.

The third method is the multi-sided comparison. 3 ways of bargaining that 4S stores won’t tell you! Come and see if you want to buy a car! Compare the price of this car from the official website and 4S stores around the world and choose the lowest price. Of course, you can’t choose to buy a car from an informal channel for a low price. Also note that some cars are low-profile cars themselves, but merchants install high-profile devices in order to make money. You can dismantle this money-making trick when you buy a car, leaving the salesperson speechless.

So how does the bargaining succeed? When the salesperson takes out the calculator on his phone and starts calculating how much he can earn. Or when you found that he was so depressed by your bargaining that he couldn’t talk to you incessantly, the bargaining succeeded!

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