How to drive to save fuel

Many friends find that the fuel consumption is relatively high when driving, and they want to ask if there is any good way to save fuel. In fact, in terms of current urban traffic, it seems unrealistic to drive to save fuel, no matter how good driving habits and high driving skills are, I can’t stand the frequent traffic jams, but developing good driving habits will have a certain effect on reducing fuel consumption. So what should I do?

How to drive to save fuel
How to drive to save fuel

1.Timely maintenance

First of all, remember that the maintenance of the car should be in place. Many friends don’t care much about maintenance. For example, some friends’ cars have driven 5,000 kilometers, and it is time for maintenance, but they don’t care, and even forget about maintenance. Afterwards, if the car is not well maintained, it will definitely increase the fuel consumption, why?

After the car is driven for a long time, the oil will become dirty, the air filter will also be dirty, and the carbon deposits will increase, and various problems will occur, so the fuel consumption of the car will naturally increase. Therefore, the first thing to do to save fuel is to maintain it on time. Taking good care of the car can not only save fuel, but also prolong its service life.

2.Avoid violent driving

When driving, be predictable and try to avoid violent driving. What can be called violent driving? For example, when the car starts, it always thinks that it needs to be one step ahead, and it has to start faster than others. In fact, there is no need to increase the danger of driving for a few seconds. It will damage the car and increase the fuel consumption.

So start slowly, let the car start smoothly, and raise the speed as much as possible. In addition, don’t step on the accelerator to the end when accelerating, and developing the habit of violent driving will also increase fuel consumption a lot. When accelerating, lightly step on the accelerator and let the car speed up slowly. This is both safe and fuel-efficient. Why not do it?

If you are overtaking at a high speed, you should step on the accelerator, because the action must be completed more quickly when overtaking, so that the overtaking time will be shorter and the safety will be higher. At this time, don’t think about saving fuel. .

There is also a very important point about the predictability of driving. You must know how to use the brakes. Using the brakes does not mean that you want to brake and stop the car directly, but brakes in advance and slows down slowly. .

3.Avoid the wrong fuel-saving tips

Many people are reluctant to turn on the air conditioner in summer, so they drive with the window open. Although it is said that turning on the air conditioner costs fuel, driving with the window open will cost more fuel, especially when driving at high speed in summer. If the air conditioner is not turned on, the wind resistance coefficient will be increased, so the fuel consumption will be more.

In addition, many friends are reluctant to turn on the heater in winter, and they shiver from the freezing in the car. Turning on the heater in winter does not cost much oil. The increase in fuel consumption in winter has nothing to do with turning on the heater, because the temperature of the engine is low in winter, and the ignition When the engine needs to quickly reach the normal working temperature, it is necessary to inject more oil to make the engine heat up quickly, which is the main fuel consumption.

There are also some other aspects, such as the lubricating ability of various oils has deteriorated, because there is no timely replacement to save money, but the increased fuel consumption after the lubricating ability of the oil decreases, which is also a cost, and this cost It is a lot more than the oil money saved. If the oil is not changed in time and the parts fail, it is another maintenance cost.

Driving a good habit not only saves fuel, but also makes it safer. Many friends now pay special attention to fuel consumption when buying a car, but fuel consumption is a secondary consideration. The first consideration should be the safety and safety configuration of the car, followed by the quality. Stability, such as the quality and reputation of the three major components, and finally fuel consumption, driving safety always comes first.

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