When is the best time to buy car

With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people buy cars. But just like in the late 1990s, color TVs were basically necessary for every family, but they still cost a lot of money to be considered a big item. The same is true for many families now with cars. Buying a car … Read more

3 ways to bargain when buying car

Now we probably have some spare money in our hands, and everyone will choose to invest at this time. Many people do not know how to manage money, and investing in houses and cars is a good choice. Houses and cars can maintain and appreciate in value. You can use the car yourself, and you … Read more

How to drive to save fuel

Many friends find that the fuel consumption is relatively high when driving, and they want to ask if there is any good way to save fuel. In fact, in terms of current urban traffic, it seems unrealistic to drive to save fuel, no matter how good driving habits and high driving skills are, I can’t … Read more

The efficacy and role of lard

The benefits of lard Chinese medicine believes that lard has the functions of tonic, moisturizing, and detoxification, and can cure dry and astringent viscera, unfavorable stool, dry cough, and chapped skin. The following is the efficacy and role of lard introduced by “Ancient Chinese Medicine Network”. What are the effects and functions of children eating … Read more

How to brew lemonade to be healthy

Autumn is a three-month period from the beginning of autumn to the beginning of winter. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that health care in autumn must follow the principle of “nurturing and adopting”. Among them, the diet should be centered on moistening dryness and nourishing qi, focusing on strengthening the spleen, nourishing the liver, and clearing … Read more

Alleviate a hangover tips

Before drinking : Eat a small steamed bun and drink some milk before heading to the banquet. The sequence is correct, so that carbohydrates can be fully combined with proteins to form a “food film” in the stomach to protect the gastric mucosa. Alleviate a hangover tips The harm of alcohol to the human body … Read more

Some misunderstandings about stomach

Myth 1: Ginger is beneficial and harmless to patients with stomach problems It is generally believed that ginger can warm the stomach, and it is common to drink a bowl of minced ginger water when the stomach is upset. Gastric patients may occasionally use it according to their own conditions, and there are no adverse … Read more